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Shiny Object Syndrome – Do You Have it, and How to Cope With it?

 Shiny Object Syndrome is Something We All Face at Some Stage in Our Life.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as some people make it look like. I mean, just because you’re an entrepreneur (fancy sounding word) does not mean that you’re going to get rich quick. But that’s what we’re after. Many of us have to admit that we got into the game of business because we want to make the big bucks. That, however, doesn’t happen for an entrepreneur that can’t come up with ideas that will work for their business.

Businesses need ideas to grow. And those ideas come from the minds of the entrepreneurs that started them. There are times, however, when a business owner can have too many ideas – and that’s not exactly a good thing. Sure it may seem nice to be able to stockpile a ton of ideas and keep them in your personal thought bank, but it may just be the multitude of ideas that you keep having that’s stopping you from reeling in the dough.

You want your business to grow so you keep on hatching new ideas that you think will really shoot you into the atmosphere! The problem now is that with all those ideas you’re churning out, you’re constantly fleeting to and fro towards each one of them. You don’t know where to start, you don’t know where to go next, and you certainly aren’t making solid progress. This is what we call Shiny Object Syndrome. Continue reading