Internet Marketing – Why Some Struggle, and a Good Solution

People have a lot of woes with internet marketing. List building is the solution to those woes.

In today’s day and age, we have a lot of people that want to break free from the cycle of having to work 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day. I mean, come on. If you think about all the time you spend working your day job, there’s probably a hundred other things you could be doing with that time. However, you won’t be making money if you don’t work. And obviously you won’t survive if you don’t have any money.

We, however, have things that we have a great desire for; there are things that we want to possess, places we want to go. And we understand that the only way to do so nowadays is with money – most of the time money we don’t have. As such, we keep attending to your day jobs not only because our lives depended on it, but because the realization of our dreams rode on that daily “chore” as well.

At the present though, and for the past years, people have started to look for solutions to their problems – the problem where they no longer want to have to rely on their day job for a steady, stable and reasonable amount of income. Fortunately, many of them found the solution they were looking for. Do you want to know what answered their prayers? We know it today as internet marketing.

Today, we have a lot of people that have gotten into the game of running their own online business. Some of them have made it and have managed to be able to leave their day jobs behind and just rely on their online business to bring in the bacon. Others, well, they weren’t so lucky and up to today are struggling to make ends meet. They’re running their campaign alongside their day jobs; they’re not experiencing the success that others are.

So begs the question: why do people struggle with internet marketing? This is one question that many people who want to get into internet marketing, and internet marketers themselves, seek to answer in order to help those that are still starting out. Being an internet marketing myself, I can say that struggling with your online business can be caused by factors such as these:

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You need to allocate a proper amount of your time towards the development of your online business. Internet marketing requires an investment of your time in order for it to work the way you want it to.

2.) Not possessing the right skills – Internet marketers are still marketers, which means that they have a certain skillset that makes them good at what they do. Some people however, just get into the business because they think that it can provide them with the high income that they desire, without as much as possessing the necessary skills to drive their business forward towards success.

That is why we have books, we have mentors, and we have entire focus groups that help newbies out when it comes to their online business. If you don’t know how to do internet marketing, you can always learn and gain the skills for it.

3.) A lack of focus – A goal that many people who get into internet marketing share is that they want to make money. In the end, when they check their accounts, they probably haven’t made a single cent. This is because their goal is too broad – too general. When it comes to turning your online business into a successful one, what you need is to set realistic and specific goals. For example, a goal such as wanting to make X amount of money in X months.

When your only aim is to profit, then you’re not really going to understand what you need to do in order to meet that goal. However, when you make your goal a specific one where in you specify a definite amount and a set amount of time, you can get an idea of what you need to do in order to meet that goal. You now have a goal to focus on.

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4.) Belief is nearly non-existent – The power of the mind plays a big role in the success of an online business. If you don’t believe in your own success in this field, then chances are you never will. You need to think positive when it comes to doing internet marketing, because your strong belief in your own success will translate into how you deal with your customers and those that come to you for help on their campaigns.

Believe that your business will succeed and that you will meet your goals. This is one of the things that you need in order to make it in the world of internet marketing.

Factors such as these hold a great amount of influence on whether or not your internet marketing campaign is going to take off. That is why when you manage to deal with them, the odds start to tilt in your favor. Now comes one of the biggest problems that you will face when it comes to making your online business succeed and work for you like how it has worked for others: how do you make money?

Come on, we have to be honest with ourselves that it’s a question that we often ask. Besides, we got into internet marketing because we wanted to possess a source of income that allowed us to work on our time – we’re our own boss and we set our own hours. Because of this, we, to no end, seek ways in which we can promote our website and drive traffic towards it just to get profits going.

There is a very simple solution though, and it’s called list building. I’m sure you’ve heard about it at some point in your time as an internet marketer, but you probably decided to ignore it because you didn’t really understand the power behind it and how it could work for your online business. As an internet marketer myself, I have to admit that having a list changes everything. List building is a one-of-a-kind solution to your internet marketing woes.


What is list building?

much question. very wonder. wow.

They join your mailing list because you are offering them something – perhaps a solution to their problems, or they joined because they found that the content you have on your website is helping them out with something they are going through in life. It’s either that or they just wanted that freebie you’re dishing out. Basically they’re joining your mailing list because you have something to offer them. That is list building.


List building – the ultimate solution!

It’s strong like a nuclear bomb! … Minus all the widespread destruction and nuclear fallout, of course.

The problem that many internet marketers face is that, most of the time, they don’t drive a sufficient amount of traffic to their websites. This means that less people see their content, their offers, and whatnot. And in marketing, when people don’t see what you have to offer, chances are that they will never buy it. This is the same problem that an internet marketer experiences. If people don’t see their website, no sales are going to happen.

That is why instead of having to constantly find ways in which traffic can be led to your website (this is still very important though, so don’t think it isn’t), you can still keep sales going as long as you have a list of subscribers – so long as you have done list building. Taking a look back on what’s up there in the part where I talked about what list building is, recall what I said about why people subscribe to your mailing list.

That’s right, they gave you their email addresses because you have something they want. These people, your subscribers, have been responsive to your content and your offers. They gave you a way to contact them because they expect you to offer them more of the things they signed up for in the first place. Do you know who the people that buy from you are? It’s not the people that stumble upon your website; it’s your loyal, responsive subscribers!

List building is the ultimate solution because when you have a list of subscribers that have already positively responded to what you offer, you have already begun to build a relationship with them. This is key when it comes to making a sale happen. People don’t buy from people they don’t know – people they don’t trust. When they buy from a salesman, they want to make sure that this person isn’t just trying to screw them over and make a quick buck!

Although, for all honesty’s sake, your aim is profit, the people on your list begin to trust you because you are communicating with them constantly. They understand that you’re not just going to trade what you know for nothing, so they have already accepted the fact that you need to be paid for what you have to offer them – and that’s how many exchanges hands. When you have something people want, and they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

What’s more is that you get repeat business out of people on your list. If the product you sell works for them, they won’t hesitate to come back for another product because they’ve experienced the results for themselves. And better yet, they’ll tell their friends and if the same results are experienced, word will spread about your product like wildfire! So from a single list of contacts, you can reel in a lot of new business and even get repeat business.

This is why list building is the ultimate solution to any internet marketer’s woes. If you’re having trouble with making ends meet with your online business, the solution you seek is in building your own list. A single list of loyal, responsive subscribers can already do wonders, so just think about what you could be making when you expand that list and keep adding people to your network.

List building is definitely the way to go when it comes to internet marketing. Many marketers have already said so themselves, and coming from an internet marketer such as myself, I have to say that it has made all the difference in my efforts at running my online business. The same can happen to you if you give list building a shot and allow it to wow you with the results that you can obtain from using this approach.

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