Do What You Love

What do you love doing? Ask yourself if you are giving yourself permission to do the things you love. Do what you love and keep your dreams alive because those dreams and that passion defines you.

Do What You Love

In life, we are often heavily focused with the outcome of the things we do. As such, we want to perform our best so that we can get the best end-result. The problem however, is that we often make it so hard to come to that outcome because we obsess too much about time and about money. We make it a point that the end-result of our actions is more time and money for us. What is wrong with this is that we are prioritizing things that are actually just byproducts.

Time and money are just byproducts of our actions. They shouldn’t be the goals we set in life. What we should make our goal is to do what we love. When you are paid to do what you love then you are living the human dream. Why? Because not everyone gets paid to do something they love to do. People often get paid because they have to work to live. And it is wrong to always think you should work just for money. You should work because you have passion for something.

You need to do what you love. If you love to read, then read. If you love to talk to people, then talk to people. If you love to read and talk to people at the same time, then become an author. In a way, you are telling a story to people. Becoming an author however, may not make you a lot of money, but it’s something you love, right? You can keep your job, but at the end of the day what matters is that you do something you love.

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It seems like a good idea, however at the end of day you think back to the money you can make. And I can’t blame you for thinking like that because we all need money to survive. I mean, how amazing would it be to make a living doing what the things you love? The problem though is that sometimes what we have a passion for doesn’t make us the money we need to survive. Still, we must not lose that passion inside of us.

We must continue to dream. We must always keep our dreams alive until the time that we can get around to doing them. If we let those dreams die, and if we never get around to doing them, then we lose the unique side of us. Our dreams make us unique and pursuing them brings out the best in us. We are good at doing what we love. We give unconsciously give our best when we do what we love. It is those dreams of ours that make us unique.

Do what you love because it defines you. Do what you love because it makes you happy. Do what you love because you love it! Time and money are just byproducts of your actions and doing something you are so passionate about may just give you that time and money. So go ahead and keep your job, but don’t lose sight of your dreams. Keep them close and work on them little by little until they bear fruit and reward you for all your love and passion for them.

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