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Anthony Robbins and The Two Millimetres (2mm) Change

We often believe that if we want to change our lives, we will have to make it a massive change.  Anthony Robbins tells us differently and tells us about the 2mm change.

The Two Millimetres (2mm) Change and Anthony Robbins

Many of us want to change our lives for the better.  As we go around and see different things, meet different people and all that, we do start to compare and realize that we need to make a massive change in our lives. Massive change however, seems like something that is very difficult to do, and it isn’t something which anyone just jumps into in an instant. Anthony Robbins tells us differently though, he tells us that we don’t need to make a massive change in just one go.

Recently my friend Jill Humphrey shared with us one of her video-blog entry and she talked about her experience as she came back from seeing Anthony Robbins at the Unleash The Power Within event.  She talks about Anthony mentioning something called the 2mm change. What this means is that instead of taking massive action, you make changes little by little. Because when you take massive action, and you fail at it, you often get discouraged.

Anthony Robbins tells us that change doesn’t have to be massive. You can change your life through your everyday moments, just by doing something that is part of your plan to change. You see, you don’t have to build your business or invest heavily in your dreams in just one big course of action, no; you can take it slow and build it steadily. That way you move towards the change you want and it’s not something that will discourage you easily.

You can change your life and it doesn’t have to involve you making one massive effort at making that change. Follow what Jill Humphrey talks about in her video-blog: about Anthony Robbins and the 2mm change. You don’t have to just make a massive move to change and live the life that you’ve always wanted. You can do it slowly, through everyday actions and little changes that will make you a better you.

Change doesn’t always have to be massive. If you make a small change in your life every single day, no matter how little it is, that change is enough. Change is happening so, as long you are prepared to take action even it is only 2mm. You don’t need to bust down the door and run in guns blazing; just make a change every single day and you will see sooner or later the change in yourself and your life for the better.

The message that Anthony Robbins gave is just very powerful because it helps me realize that you can make a change no matter how little. Other people believe that change should be big, that it should be massive, but they are often the ones that get discouraged after just a little failure or blunder. That is why the message that the 2mm change teaches is so powerful – because it teaches us that if we want to change, if we just commit to the tasks every single day it will surely happen.

The change you want in your life doesn’t have to tire you out when it doesn’t work out, especially the way you want. That is what Anthony Robbins is trying to tell us. If we want to change then we will, but we should do it at our own pace and in a way that we can manage. Make your 2mm change today and start changing your life.  If you are ready for change, click on the banner just below and find out how you can change your life.


This video below is the video that Jill shared with us. Enjoy!


Start Taking Risks!

You probably thinking I am nuts for even to even suggesting that!  You are right hah!  Start taking risks and live life with no limits that what Nick Vujicic said.

Start Taking Risks! Be Brilliant and Be Brave.


Experience is indeed the best teacher in life. You can read as many books as you want and learn all kinds of fancy methods and theories but what still matters is application. Knowledge and experience go hand in hand, after all. If all you have is books then I urge you to be brave and start taking risks. If you want to gain more knowledge then you will find no better way to do so than through experience.

Nothing can ever substitute experience in this world of ours. For example, you’re a commander in a decisive battle. You can learn all the tactics and strategies you want from books and all that but what will win the battle for you is your own experience, as well as the experience of your soldiers. If you have experience in certain things then you won’t be afraid to start taking risks. Risks, after all, are what lead to more learning as you gain more experience.

There is, however, a difference between being brave and being stupid. I’m going to be frank with you – not all acts of bravery lead to a good experience. For example, jumping off of a cliff; sure it makes for a good experience but that sort of bravery may just result in you breaking every bone in your body. It’s good to start taking risks, but there aren’t the kind of risks that you should be taking, especially when they obviously don’t look to be very good choices from the start.

Although experience may be good for you, there are just so many things that you should be doing. Smoking, for instance, doesn’t really make for a good experience. It’s potentially bad for your health, but let’s just say that you want to try it out for the sake of experience. In the end, you find yourself addicted and you keep on smoking. That doesn’t seem to be good now, does it? Not all experiences are good for you so it is best to be prudent with your actions.

If you want to start taking risks then the best kinds are the ones that help foster your growth as a person. How about seeing the world? What about trying all sorts of food, or even experiencing the different and diverse cultures all around us? All of these things make for good experiences. Once you decide to do these sorts of things though then it means that you have begun to start taking risks to help yourself grow.

Speaking of growth, it is an important part of being human. If you don’t want to grow then you are never going to become a better person. Only those that have accepted that they need to continually grow mentally and spiritually will be able to see the path that they are meant to take, and that path greatly involves the start of taking risks. Experience will be your best teacher and bravery will help you overcome those fears you have.

I urge you to be brave and to start taking risks. Be smart and learn to grow so that you can become a better, greater person in the future. You, my friend, are destined for greatness!

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